Memorial Day at All Saints

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Memorial Day, if you recall, was a beautiful day this year. It started with cool breezes, and there was abundant sunshine all day. While so many people consider it the unofficial start of summer fun, maybe we should return to considering the day as a serious occasion to commemorate the war dead. Since wars are not fought on American soil in front of our eyes and on our front lawns, we tend to forget how many families have lost loved ones to the violence of war. The sight of visitors standing in silence gazing down at the resting places of their loved ones was a gentle and sad reminder as I drove through the winding path in All Saints Cemetery in Wilmington.

All Saints is massive. It maintains the look of a park with gentle rolling hills instead of a traditional graveyard since most of its grave markers are flush with the ground. There are beautiful bronze statues of saints strategically placed throughout the grounds, and pink marble mausoleums are beginning to fill up the outskirts of the property.

I’ve also heard that the deceased from the original Cathedral Cemetery are buried toward the south side of the property. I’m very intrigued by this, and am looking forward to returning when I have more time to devote to exploring.

My plan was to scout out a few famous interments that I found on the Find a Grave website, in addition to getting the “lay of the land.” and checking out the area where deceased from the original Cathedral Cemetery have been re-interred. Among the famous people buried in All Saints are former Philadelphia Athletic Cy Cihocki, and former Detroit Red Wings goalie Roger Crozier.

As luck would have it, the morning didn’t go as planned and I had to cut my visit very short. But I made the best of it and took a few shots while I was there. There will definitely be a return trip.

— Ginger

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